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Scientific Proof Speech (with or without Music)


The idea behind this presentation is that many people resist Christianity because:
• They have questions about whether it’s true or not (given what they’ve been taught in school).
• They wonder why it is rejected by the (so-called) intellectual elites.
• They see vocal representatives of Christianity on television being emotionally unstable and even turning
  out to be hypocrites.
• They see Christians criticizing each other, saying that the other guy is teaching falsely.
• They don’t see it as the ultimate approach to life, but rather as restrictive against their desires to sin.

This presentation not only gives proofs (even backed by science) that God exists and the Bible is true, but also that
it is the most functional and emotionally fulfilling way to approach life. And it never asks anyone to believe
anything ... only to put on their thinking caps and objectively examine the facts. It also proves that Christianity
is the most intellegent approach to life and that a lot of what is taught in school is science fiction. Making
those bold claims is also a way to attract people who Christians have wanted to get interested in Christianity (e.g.
spouses, family, friends, co-workers, fellow students, the general public, etc.). And people are invited to challenge
what they’ve heard at this presentation in a Q&A afterwards.

It is based on Dennis’ books titled:

  • THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is True
  • Why Are We Here?
  • How To Directly Experience God
    • and DVD’s titled:

      • 10 Conclusive Proofs That God Exists And The Bible Is True
      • How To Debate An Atheist
      • Conclusive Proof That God Exists
        • Video highlights of this presentation can be seen in the middle of the page at:

Quotes by event planners who booked this speech

“Dennis Marcellino wowed his audience with some wonderful music, but even more importantly bowled themover with his scientific discoveries.”
  Terry Hughes, Church Event Coordinator, Norfolk, VA

“I found your presentation exactly what I had hoped for.”
  Rev. Ed Windhaus, Event Coordinator, Swarthmore College,
  Bryn Mawr & Haverford Colleges, Philadelphia, PA

“Dennis Marcellino is a superb presenter! I would highly recommend Dennis to those desiring a stimulating and entertaining program.”
  Dr. Keith Swenson, President, Design Science Association,
  Professor of Biology, Multnomah University

To see a 5 minute movie opening for Dennis' 10 Proofs Speech, CLICK HERE.

To see a 13 minute video clip of Dennis' 10 Proofs speech with PowerPoint CLICK HERE.

To see a 6 minute video clip of Dennis' 10 Proofs speech without PowerPoint CLICK HERE.

Dennis speech includes:

• Some of the best proofs that God exists and the Bible is true from many fields including physics, logic, psychology, sociology,
  astronomy, chemistry, biology, geology, mathematics, archeology, anthropology, history, microbiology and more

• New insights and proofs that are not presented anywhere else (e.g. how and why investigations of the supernatural, invisible
  and internal human workings are just as scientifically legitimate as investigations of the natural world [which is not how most
  modern secular scientists see those fields])

• How to have a strong confidence that God exists and the Bible is all true...based on conclusive evidence, beyond which there
  are no valid counterpoints

• Proofs and convincing arguments to present to family, friends, teens, co-workers and society in general to help them come to know that God exists and the Bible is true, with tips on how to present and defend Christianity with confidence

• An explanation why atheism is logically impossible

• How to be in harmony and union with a person's continuous relationship with God within

• Concepts and proofs that are easy to understand and communicate to others

• Help to see the ultimate perspective of reality

• Findings from 40 years of personal research and experience in 21 areas of personal growth and lifestyle

• Can include video, powerpoint and music

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